Our newest innovation is not a secret ingredient, in fact, it’s as old as the sun. Ozone, found at 50 to 75 miles above the earth’s surface, is a naturally occurring molecule, which cleanses the atmosphere as it recycles particulate matter around the earth. Major Municipalities such as Los Angeles and Las Vegas are turning to ozone as the disinfectant of choice for water treatment.

We harness the power of nature in an ozone generator and apply it to supermarket food safety operations.

Ozone, the most powerful oxidant useable to man, destroys bacteria, fungi and yeast, protozoa, and virus. Even biofilms are quickly destroyed in a scissors action that cuts the bond of the biofilms on food and other surfaces, such as food processing equipment, floors, walls, misting system piping, and display case pans and drains. After coming in contact with ozone bacteria is destroyed or flushed away.

The “Thunder Wash” system fits seamlessly (or...is very compatible) with most store operating guidelines...no need to add or monitor chemicals, chlorine or salt. The only maintenance required is annual tube replacements. The tube is the part of the generator that makes the ozone.

The system is automated and no operator training is required. For produce preparation, simply turn on the faucet and use the water for crisping or washing fruit and vegetables. Thunder Wash is equally effective for sea-food and poultry preparation and sanitizing utensils. The mobile unit is available for cleaning and sanitizing food service floors, walls and cutting surfaces.

“Thunder Wash” is the most cost effective solution available. Unlike chlorine, ozone does not produce chemical by-products, and ozone helps to neutralize chemical or pesticide residues that may be on the product. It is a natural, safe and powerful sanitizer that kills bacteria such as E-coli, salmonella and also viruses; it extends the shelf life of your product, reduces shrink and improves category financial's.

Corrigan Corp. is a long time equipment supplier to the retail food community, but we are also consumers and your customers. We share in your desire and commitment to provide a safe and wholesome food supply for your customers. The ability to sanitize product, utensils and food contact surfaces with a simple rinse of ozonated water makes this a great solution…and even more importantly, a great solution that is easily executed.
Pure Water Technologies #1 LLC

Sell Perishables with Added Confidence.

Safely clean and sanitize food products.

Ozone destroys decay –causing bacteria and all pathogens known to man.

Ozone works thousands of times faster then chlo-rine.

No chemical by-products like chlorine (safe and chemical free).

No residues.
Employees are not ex-posed to harmful chemi-cals.

No handling or storage problems.

Environmentally friendly.

Very low cost-effective process.

FDA and USDA approved for Food Contact.
Thunder Wash”,
Preserving Foods Nature’s Way.
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The thunder tells us Ozone has been created by lightning.
Utilizes nature's purifier for food safety and sanitation.
Produce Crisping with Ozone.
Operation is a Snap!
Thunder Wash for Seafood and Poultry. It Provides a powerful sanitation agent that is integrated into everyday meat and seafood department operations